Our compliance system

The JT Group Compliance Committee plays a significant role in the JT Group governance. Its aim is to ensure that all directors and employees fully comply with applicable laws, our Articles of Incorporation, cultural expectations, and other compliance standards. The roles of the Compliance Committee are as follows:

  • Hold meetings where compliance-related matters are reviewed and discussed to report directly to the Board of Directors
  • Appoint an Executive Officer responsible for the JT Group Compliance
  • Discuss the Annual Compliance Program and Annual Compliance Action Plans
  • Report on the progress of compliance initiatives to the Board of Directors

The Compliance Office oversees departments to ensure that compliance is appropriately functioning. It also promotes compliance by running various training programs for executives and employees.

Employees can report any violations or consult about possible violations of the JT Group Code of Conduct by calling internal or external hotlines. The Compliance Office is responsible for investigating reported cases, and in the case of proven violations, each work division must implement corrective measures. Serious cases are reviewed by the JT Group Compliance Committee, and reported to the Board of Directors as necessary.

The head of the JT Group Compliance Committee is the Chairman of the Board, and the Committee includes external experts as key members. The Committee meets regularly three times every year. Among the matters discussed are initiatives to promote compliance throughout the Group, and these initiatives will be executed based on the Annual Compliance Action Plan. The Action Plan includes maintaining and enhancing the compliance system, taking action on Company priority issues, carrying out training and seminars, handling the Reporting Concerns Mechanism, and implementing the Compliance Promotion Month. The Compliance Promotion Month takes place in June every year. The aim is to raise employees’ awareness of this important subject, through information sessions in every workplace, e-learning, and seminars for managers in our headquarters.

Our international tobacco business has developed its own compliance system, the Compliance Function. This function is led by the Chief Compliance Officer, who is responsible for promoting and enhancing the ethical culture of the business. Guiding, encouraging and supporting all employees through various compliance processes and trainings to make the right decisions in full compliance with all applicable laws and internal policies, thereby mitigating reputational, legal and financial risks for our international business. Employees can report any violations of the Code of Conduct by using our internal reporting system, namely “Your Voice”, a system which is available to all employees and all business partners. Serious cases of Code of Conduct violations are referred to the Business Ethics Committee for review and investigation and where necessary shared with JT Compliance.