Processed Food Business

Providing delicious food, bringing smiles to the dinner table

In the processed food business operated by the TableMark Group, we seek to provide safe and delicious food for consumers, in the hope that they will choose our products for their loved ones. We aim to satisfy our consumers by offering food products that meet the needs of their daily lives.

Setting future Japanese meal trends

We endeavor to provide delicious food products to consumers, focusing on staple food products such as frozen noodles, frozen and packed cooked rice and frozen baked bread, making full use of its technology and product development capabilities. In the seasonings business, Fuji Foods Corporation plays a central role in providing a variety of product lines using its unique technology. In the bakery business, Saint-Germain offers fresh oven-baked bread. We will continue to provide consumers with delicious food through safety management as well as technological innovation and product development.

Developing safe, high-quality processed food for consumers with the following four distinct areas

I. Food safety

We provide consumers with safe products from our factories run food safety management systems (e.g. ISO22000 or FSSC22000), while conducting inspections to check the safety measures undertaken at each factory.

II. Food defense

We make efforts to ensure that food defense programs are established at our factories to protect our food products against the risk of intentional or accidental contamination.
*Food defense program: To set and control risk management items that must be complied with from the perspective of both management and security systems

III. Food quality

We make constant efforts to improve product quality and enhance consumers' satisfaction. We do this by looking at the entire food process, from product development to procurement of raw materials to manufacturing, based on inquiries from and opinions of consumers.

IV. Food Communications

While earnestly listening to consumers' requests, we promote communication with consumers by providing traceability and actively disclosing information through factory tours and other programs.