Striving to create innovative drugs for patients around the world

JT commenced its pharmaceutical business in 1987.
Our mission is to create original and innovative drugs for patients suffering from diseases around the world.

Strengthening our R&D capabilities, a cornerstone of our pharmaceutical business

Yokohama Research Center (Yokohama City, Kanagawa)

Strengthening our R&D capabilities, a cornerstone of our pharmaceutical business

Since 1987, we have been expanding steadily. We opened our Central Pharmaceutical Research Institute in Osaka in 1993, and established a clinical development base outside Japan in 2000 with the addition of our development function to Akros Pharma Inc., our US subsidiary. We focus mainly on the fields of Cardiovascular, Kidney and Skeletal Muscle; Immunology; and Neuroscience.

We are accelerating development in order to provide patients with our drugs as soon as possible. We are enhancing our research and development pipeline, exploring opportunities for strategic in- or out-licensing and strengthening collaboration with our license partners.

Strengthening our business through partnership with Torii Pharmaceutical

We incorporated Torii Pharmaceutical as a group company in 1998 to strengthen our domestic pharmaceutical business. To maximize synergies, JT now concentrates on R&D activities while Torii Pharmaceutical is in charge of manufacturing, sales and promotion.

* We stopped manufacturing at our Group's factories during FY2020, so all manufacturing processes for pharmaceutical products have been outsourced

At Torii Pharmaceutical, highly-trained medical representatives (MRs) play a crucial role for successful sales and promotion by providing medical and scientific knowledge to physicians, pharmacists, and other medical staff, aiming to not only help patients to regain health but also to promote better health for all people.

CORECTIM® Ointment
0.5% (Launched in June 2020), 0.25% (Launched in June 2021)
(treatment of atopic dermatitis)

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