Message from the CEO

Mitsuomi Koizumi

The JT Group is committed to achieving sustainable, mid-to long-term profit growth. This means we are constantly looking for innovative ways to maximize our business performance, while addressing the global challenges posed by economic and geopolitical developments, regulatory changes, and competition. Our track record shows that our strategy is effective, and we believe that it will continue to drive the strong performance of the JT Group.

Our Group performance is underpinned by robust international and domestic tobacco businesses, which together constitute our largest business segment. We have been bolstering our footprint in established markets and expanding our reach in emerging markets with strategic initiatives aimed at reinforcing growth in the mid-to long term. As part of this, we are increasing our emphasis on emerging products and nurturing core brands.

To continue growing, we have to stay highly competitive. Accordingly, we are pursuing innovation and efficiency in every aspect of our business, from new product development to manufacturing and sales, and we are confident of remaining at the forefront of the industry. We are also actively building our pharmaceutical and processed food businesses, both of which offer significant promise for further growth.

In everything we do, we are guided by our commitment to the four stakeholder groups at the heart of our 4S model - consumers, shareholders, employees, and wider society. Across our global network of more than 40,000 employees, we are united in our mission to respect the interests of our stakeholders while striving to increase the sustainable corporate value of the JT Group.

Mitsuomi Koizumi
President and CEO and Representative Director

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