Corporate Citizenship Activities

Contributing to the communities in which we operate across the JT Group is part of our responsibility as a corporate citizen.

The JT Group is committed to contributing to communities in which we operate as a good corporate citizen.
In order to make greater contributions to society on a group-wide basis, we have established the JT Group Corporate Citizenship Activity Policy, focusing on four areas: social welfare, arts and culture, environmental protection and disaster relief.

Social Welfare

As part of our efforts to contribute to the regeneration and revitalization of local communities as a good corporate citizen, the JT Group is implementing a variety of social welfare programs.

Arts and Culture

The JT Group engages in activities that contribute to the development and advancement of arts and culture.

Environmental Protection

In appreciation of what our natural environment brings to our business and for the preservation of environment, the JT Group engages in environmental protection activities.

Disaster Relief

The JT Group supports disaster-hit areas worldwide for their earliest recovery.