Corporate Community Investment

The JT Group's Corporate Community Investment activities support the JT Group Mission that guides us to develop our business "while understanding and respecting the environment and the diversity of societies and individuals".

In 2016, we invested 7,446 million YEN in Corporate Community Investment where we operate.

Our goal is to build partnerships that generate demonstrable social impact for communities where we operate.

In the next years, our impact data will inform more precise social targets and maximize our contribution to sustainable development. In return, demonstrating the value of our programs provides us with a vital differentiating value that supports our company's mission and sustainable growth.

Reducing inequalities

Our company is committed to respecting diversity. We want to share this commitment through our partnerships in support of social welfare programs and widening access to arts and culture for all.

Community resilience

Our company has built Disaster Management expertise over the years, due to a disaster prone environment in Japan. We share this expertize by supporting charities that respond to disasters and enable communities to revitalize and be more resilient in the future.

Environmental protection

As a global company that relies on natural resources, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations. At the same time, we pro-actively contribute to increasing awareness and social action for environmental protection.