Environment Activities


Environmental protection is a critical part of our responsibility to society. We work hard to identify, understand, and reduce our environmental impacts, going beyond strict legal minima.

Our commitment to environmental protection is reflected in the JT Group Environment Charter. Our commitment is wide-ranging and focuses on our whole value chain, from the procurement of raw materials to production, distribution, and sales.

To deliver improvements across the business, we have set targets in four key areas:
prevention of global warming by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, protection of water resources through sustainable water use, protecting biodiversity, and prevention of waste and promoting recycling along with effective resource use. Our newly developed Long-term Environment Plan outlines initiatives that aim to deliver these goals by 2020.

Environmental Management

Three critical factors drive our commitment to reducing the environmental impacts of our business: our legal obligations, our business performance, and our responsibility as a corporate citizen.

Energy and GHG Emissions

As a company that uses agricultural commodities as a key component in many of our products, climate change poses a potential long-term risk to our operations.

Water and Waste

As a business with significant global manufacturing operations, using resources efficiently is a high priority across the JT Group.


Biodiversity plays an important part in natural processes that are critical to agricultural productivity, such as crop pollination.

Environment Data

In this section we provide our key environment data.