Our People

Together with Employees

A large part of how we do business relates to how we attract, retain, and treat our employees, and how we keep them safe at work.

Our employees are critical to the success of our business, and are a key stakeholder group in our "4S" model. To provide global guidance across the JT Group, we defined the following JT Group HR Management Philosophy:

"In order to contribute to the Company's sustainable growth, and with the recognition that highly skilled, talented and diverse people are the foundation of its success, JT Group Management strives for the highest level of employee satisfaction with a long-term view.
1. Treat all employees fairly and respectfully
2. Ensure transparency of rules and standards
3. Provide all JT Group employees with growth opportunities"

Health and Safety

To the JT Group, effective health and safety management means not only complying with all relevant legislation but also establishing systems to minimize risks for employees, contractors, and visitors to our operations.

Responsible Employer

The JT Group operates a strategic framework that acknowledges employees as a cornerstone of our success.

Employee Development and Talent Management

Our employees contribute to the success of the JT Group and in return we provide an open, fair, and stimulating work environment in which they can pursue their goals and improve their skills and abilities.

Equality and Diversity

Employing a diverse workforce is a strong source of competitiveness within an international marketplace and supports our goal of sustainable growth.