Responsible Supply Chain

Know Our Supplier

Our supply chain provides the products, services, and raw materials for our tobacco, pharmaceutical and processed food businesses.

We have tens of thousands of suppliers around the world, many of which are small-scale farmers providing the raw materials we need for our products.

We expect all of our suppliers and business partners to uphold high standards of integrity. Our Responsible Procurement Policy, our Supplier Standards, and our Codes of Conduct detail our approach to selecting suppliers and establishing supplier standards.

JT Group Responsible Procurement Policy

Our Responsible Procurement Policy clarifies that when selecting suppliers, we take account of candidates' compliance with relevant laws and regulations, and requires that we consider human rights, the environment, and other social responsibilities.

JT Group Principles in Leaf Tobacco Production

The JT Group secures a stable supply of quality tobacco that meets required standards at best cost through direct-procurement of leaf from growers and processes this leaf tobacco at our designated factory.

Supplier Standards and Practices

Wherever we operate, we expect our business partners to share our commitment to the highest standards of business integrity, legal compliance, and responsible business practice.

Tobacco Supply Chain - Strategy

Securing a long-term supply of quality tobacco leaf is the foundation of our tobacco supply chain strategy.

Tobacco Supply Chain - Long-term Farmer Profits

Long-term farmer profits are an essential part of our strategy to secure a lasting supply of high-quality tobacco leaf.

Tobacco Supply Chain - Agricultural Labor Practices and Child Labor

Alongside improving growing standards, we work with our farmer communities to address a range of important issues.

Tobacco Supply Chain - Sustainable Wood

In many regions where we operate, wood is vital for effective tobacco curing, both as a fuel and for building curing barns.