"Zerostyle Snus Regular" and "Zerostyle Snus Mint" to be added to the Zerostyle smokeless tobacco line

Snus products to be added to the Zerostyle smokeless tobacco line
"Zerostyle Snus Regular" and "Zerostyle Snus Mint" to be rolled-out at selected retail stores in Osaka City from early August 2013

Tokyo, June 13, 2013 --- Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) (TSE: 2914) has announced the addition of two new products, "Zerostyle Snus Regular" and "Zerostyle Snus Mint," to its Zerostyle smokeless tobacco line. The new products will go on sale at selected retail stores in Osaka City from early August 2013.

Tobacco has a rich history and is available in a large number of varieties

Tobacco has long been available in many varieties. In different parts of the world, smokeless tobacco, including snuff and chewing tobacco, are consumed in addition to cigarettes. While the majority of consumers in Japan enjoy tobacco in the form of cigarettes, demand is increasing for tobacco products designed to be used in places where consideration needs to be given for those nearby.

"Snus" is smokeless tobacco that enjoys widespread popularity, particularly in Sweden

"Snus" is a type of snuff, which is smokeless tobacco. Using snus involves placing powdered tobacco in the mouth and enjoying its taste and aroma. Snus is a traditional tobacco product of Sweden, and continues to be widely enjoyed by many consumers.

"Zerostyle Snus" will join the Zerostyle smokeless tobacco line

'Since its launch, the Zerostyle smokeless tobacco has been very well received. The products do not require a flame, and thus are smokeless, allowing consumers to enjoy them in a variety of locations, while being considerate to neighbors.

"Zerostyle Snus" are snus whose taste, aroma and portion size have been specially developed by JT to meet the preferences of Japanese consumers. Portions of powdered tobacco in sachets are placed in the mouth, allowing consumers to enjoy the taste and aroma of the tobacco.

The range will consist of two products: the regular flavored "Zerostyle Snus Regular," which features a mild sweetness and roasted flavor, and the mint flavored "Zerostyle Snus Mint," offering a brisk flavor that spreads in the mouth.

The packages of both products consist of a stylish black design that features an emblem in the center representing the sachet. Inside the external pouch is a case that contains the sachets.

As a trial for snus in the Japanese market, JT will begin selling the products at around 150 stores in Osaka City.

JT is committed to continuously enhancing consumer satisfaction through innovation, including the launch of the two new Zerostyle Snus products.

Zerostyle product information as of August 2013

Name Launched Price (Yen)
Zerostyle Blue Mint May 2013 410
Zerostyle Blue Mint Refill Cartridges (two refill cartridges) May 2013 300
Zerostyle Bitter Leaf December 2011 410
Zerostyle Bitter Leaf Refill Cartridges (two refill cartridges) December 2011 300
Zerostyle Snus Regular August 2013 380
Zerostyle Snus Mint August 2013 380


Japan Tobacco Inc. is a leading international tobacco product company. Its products are sold in over 120 countries and its internationally recognized brands include Winston, Camel, Mevius/Mild Seven and Benson & Hedges. With diversified operations, JT is also actively present in pharmaceuticals, beverages and processed foods. The company's revenue was JPY 2.120 trillion (US$22,543 million(*)) in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2013.

  • * Translated at the rate of JPY 94.05 per $1, as of March 29, 2013

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