9 upgraded Pianissimo products to be rolled out nationwide

– Providing diverse and even more refined refreshment –
9 Pianissimo products to be upgraded
and rolled out nationwide from mid-May 2016

Tokyo, April 13, 2016 --- Today, Japan Tobacco Inc. (JT) (TSE: 2914) has announced new designs and renewed smoking experience of nine Pianissimo products. They will be rolled out nationwide from mid-May 2016.

Pianissimo has been popular among many consumers who appreciate it's the individual taste, aroma and design of the brand. Now, to increase brand loyalty of Pianissimo and to satisfy consumers further JT is upgrading combinations of the package and stick design, and the aroma and taste of the nine Pianissimo products along with each individual characteristics.

Pianissimo Aria Menthol – more sophisticated and refined cigarette paper design

Taken off lines on the cigarette paper rolling tobacco leaves, so the impression of a stick becomes even more sophisticated and refined than before. Since there is no change in the flavor or aroma, the consumers can enjoy the same refreshing, clean menthol taste as before.

Two Pianissimo Precia Series products – more gorgeous package

In order to provide further elegance, a feature of this series, "Pianissimo Precia Menthol" and "Pianissimo Precia Dia's Menthol," are redesigned without change in flavor and aroma. Their product names on the packages are changed into embossed gold. New package designs become upgraded to be a higher-quality look with enhanced brilliancy. The consumers can enjoy the same concentrated menthol flavor with super slim size cigarette as before.

Three Pianissimo Icene Series products
–more sharper flavor and aroma with a bold red and black bicolor design package

The three products in this series, "Pianissimo Icene Crista Menthol," "Pianissimo Icene Gracia Menthol" and "Pianissimo Icene Spike Menthol," are redesigned with a bold package. The package designs have been remade to a bold red and black bicolor with both glossy and matte finish. The new designs express a "strong-willed, unsubmissive beauty." The consumers can enjoy a "refreshingly ice-like strong menthol sensation" that are features of the series with redesigned packages.

Three Pianissimo Aromatic Series products
– more smooth, gentle flavor and aroma; the packages given a more graceful look.

The "Smooth, gentle flavor" that is a feature of the three products in this series, "Pianissimo Aromatic Pétil Menthol," "Pianissimo Aromatic Fram Menthol" and "Pianissimo Aromatic Lucia Menthol," can be enjoyed to an even greater extent, as we strengthened its intensity. Furthermore the package design will be upgraded to make a more graceful impression, by giving it a color scheme that better portrays the flavor and by embossing the product name with a redesigned rhinestone-like pattern.

Including this upgrading of nine Piansissimo products, JT is committing to further improve product quality and services so as to provide consumers with even greater satisfaction.

Product information of the Pianissimo brand as of April 13th, 2016

Name Launched Price (Yen) Tar Nicotine
Pianissimo Aria Menthol August 1995 450 1mg 0.1mg
Pianissimo Precia Menthol November 2010 450 1mg 0.1mg
Pianissimo Precia Dia's Menthol July 2012 450 5mg 0.3mg
Pianissimo Icene Crista Menthol December 2009 450 1mg 0.1mg
Pianissimo Icene Gracia Menthol August 2002 450 5mg 0.4mg
Pianissimo Icene Spike Menthol January 2014 450 6mg 0.5mg
Pianissimo Aromatic Pétil Menthol July 2005 450 1mg 0.1mg
Pianissimo Aromatic Fram Menthol
※10 cigarettes per pack
October 2008 230 1mg 0.1mg
Pianissimo Aromatic Lucia Menthol February 2003 450 5mg 0.3mg
Pianissimo Precia Temore One
※Launched exclusively in Tokyo, Aichi and Toyama prefectures
July 2015 490 1mg 0.1mg
Pianissimo Precia Temore 6
※Launched exclusively in Tokyo, Aichi and Toyama prefectures
July 2015 490 6mg 0.4mg


Japan Tobacco Inc. is a leading international tobacco company. Its products are sold in over 120 countries and its globally recognized brands include Winston, Camel, Mevius, LD and Natural American Spirit. With diversified operations, JT is also actively present in pharmaceuticals and processed foods. The company's revenue was ¥2.253 trillion (US$18,679 million(*)) in the fiscal year ended December 31, 2015.

  • * Translated at the rate of ¥120.61 per $1, as of December 31, 2015

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