JT expands Ploom S sales area nationwide from August 5

Japan Tobacco Inc.(JT)(TSE:2914) will be launching nationwide sales of Ploom S, a Heated Tobacco product, and three types of Ploom S tobacco sticks, gradually from August 5, 2019. Sales will start in approximately 57,000 convenience stores and 2,200 tobacco retail stores. A selected number of tobacco retail stores will start upfront sales on July 22. Additionally, since June 4, JT embarked on a campaign of Ploom S STARTER KIT sales at half price, 3,990 yen, while the regular retail price is 7,980 yen. With the expansion of sales area, the campaign will be extended to convenience stores and tobacco retail stores nationwide.

"We are delighted to expand the sales area of Ploom S. We can now provide a line-up of all 3 Ploom products, Ploom TECH, Ploom TECH+, and Ploom S, to consumers nationwide. We will continue to offer consumers choices to enjoy tobacco vapor products," said Masanao Takahashi, Vice President of the Marketing Group Product & Brand Division.

About Ploom S

Ploom S, a Heated Tobacco product, enables consumers to enjoy a superior taste of tobacco leaves through JT's unique "Authentic Tobacco Flavoring Method" and the most suitable heating temperature, while reducing the some smell. Compared to cigarettes, it produces less than 5% odor(*1) and a more than 90% reduction(*2) in the levels of measured potentially harmful constituents.

Product Information

Ploom S STARTER KIT: Device, AC adapter, Micro USB cable are included(*3) (Available at approximately 57,000 convenience stores and 2,200 tobacco retail stores from August 5, 2019)

Heating type: High temperature heating (about 200 degrees(*4))
Color: Black and White
Recommended Retail Price: 7,980 yen (tax included)

  • *1 Results of the research based on the three-point comparative odor intensity indication method by six people who have passed the olfactory test. Cigarette smoke and Ploom S tobacco vapor, which contains constituents derived from tobacco leaves, were diluted with odorless air in the bags, and the odor of each bag was statistically quantified as the "dilution factor of just no odor".
  • *2 It does not imply that the health risk associated with the use of the product is relatively small compared with that of cigarettes. It compares the amounts of nine constituents, the WHO recommends to reduce as a priority, which are contained in one puff of cigarette smoke and one puff of a tobacco vapor of Ploom S. Standard test cigarette (3R4F) was selected as the test cigarette product.
  • *3: The Starter kit containing a cleaning stick is will be available in a limited quantity.
  • *4: The temperature inside the tobacco stick when used is about 200°C.


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