Environmental impact of products

We strive to further reduce environmental impacts along our value chain, through improved product design and development, responsible procurement, efficient delivery of our products and services, and adoption of innovative technologies and approaches etc.

As a key part of the JT Group Environment Plan 2030, we are developing targets and action plans relating to the appropriate use and responsible disposal of materials, including plastics, used in our products and packaging. Please, see examples below.

Responsible recycling and disposal schemes

Ploom TECH

We encourage consumers to dispose of empty capsules and cartridges from their devices in a responsible manner.

In Japan, we introduced a recycling program where recycling boxes were sent out to 246,771 people so that they could return their empties for recycling conveniently and free of charge.

The program was a significant extension of a similar pilot conducted in 2017, where 16,000 recycling boxes were distributed.

The 2018 program was a success, with 1,375,487 empty capsules and 329,394 empty cartridges returned for recycling.

Following positive feedback from consumers, we will continue to investigate a more holistic approach to recycling and waste management.

In addition, we sent recycling boxes to shops selling Ploom TECH, thus providing consumers with the option to return the items in person.

We have already begun a similar program in Switzerland and hope to roll out further programs across our Ploom TECH markets in 2019.


We take our responsibility for the environment very seriously and provide consumers with advice and support to help them conveniently and safely recycle or dispose of Logic products at the end of their useful life. This is tailored to local requirements, and more details can be found on Logic websites.

Directly with consumers: In the U.K. and Germany, we provide consumers with a convenient way to return any old Logic tip, battery, or charger to us for safe disposal.

Through our partners: In the U.S. and France, we partner with waste management specialists who help consumers to easily and safely recycle or dispose of device components.