RRP -In focus Ploom TECH-

In focus Ploom TECH

Ploom TECH is an innovative T-Vapor product*1 which enables consumers to experience tobacco without smoke, smell, or ash. When it was first launched in Japan in 2016, the demand was so strong that we immediately made further investment plans. In this In Focus section, we look at the unique features of Ploom TECH and its potential to reduce the risks associated with smoking.

Tobacco-Infused Vapor – how it works

Tobacco-Infused Vapor – how it works
  • Ploom TECH is made up of three parts: the tobacco capsule, the cartridge, and the battery. Ploom TECH uses a hybrid technology to create a tobacco-enriched vapor by heating a non-nicotine liquid, which passes through a capsule containing granulated tobacco. In this way, the vapor is infused with nicotine and flavors from the tobacco blend; the tobacco inside the capsule is warmed at around 30 degrees Celsius. The device is activated by simply inhaling, so it can be used immediately, at any time.

  • When compared to traditional cigarettes, Ploom TECH allows consumers to experience an authentic, clear tobacco taste whilst significantly decreasing the smoke smell. Other unique attributes include the ability to use the device over several separate occasions without having to replace the tobacco capsule. Moreover, it is light in weight and has a long-lasting battery, which lasts through an entire refill pack before recharging is required.

Strong potential to reduce the risks associated with smoking

  • With Ploom TECH, there is no burning of tobacco and hence no smoke. When Ploom TECH’s tobacco vapor was analyzed, almost none of the potentially harmful constituents that have been associated with health risks*2 were found. Recent studies*3 have shown that there is approximately a 99% average reduction in the levels of measured constituents compared to cigarette smoke. This means that we believe that Ploom TECH has the potential to reduce the risks associated with smoking, while retaining the features of tobacco, including its authentic flavor.

  • Our strategy is to provide consumers with a wide variety of high-quality products. Our continuous investments in this sector illustrate our strong commitment, and our challenge continues as we strive to change the future of tobacco.

Rethink tobacco with Ploom TECH

Rethink tobacco with Ploom TECH
  • * 1 T-Vapor products, unlike e-cigarettes, contain tobacco and create a tobacco-enriched vapor that can be inhaled. Importantly, the tobacco is not combusted during the use of such products. See footnote 2 on p.22
  • * 2 Based on the comparison of 9 harmful constituents, recommended as a priority for reduction by the World Health Organization in Cigarette Smoke, measured in the smoke of a standard reference cigarette (3R4F) versus the vapor from Ploom TECH. Use of this product does not mean it is necessarily safer than smoking regular cigarettes.
  • * 3 Chemical analysis and in vitro toxicological evaluation of aerosol from a novel tobacco vapor product: A comparison with cigarette smoke. 2017. Takahashi et al. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology.
  • This section is intended to explain the business operations of JT Group, not to promote sales of tobacco and nicotine delivery products to encourage smoking by consumers.

Retailing Ploom TECH

Retailing Ploom TECH

Ploom TECH was originally launched in Japan in 2016, in the city of Fukuoka, as well as online. In 2017, our sales reach expanded to Tokyo, with a total of seven stores opening in the capital, including the Ploom Shop in Ginza. Ploom TECH capsules are also available at tobacconists and convenience stores around Tokyo, and from our online store.

We are further expanding production capacity for Ploom TECH in Japan as a high priority, in order to take the product nationwide during 2018. By offering a wide range of products to meet diverse consumer needs, and delivering on consumers’ growing expectations, we aim to be the leader in the tobacco vapor products market in Japan, over the coming years.

For information about Ploom TECH’s launch in the international markets, packaging & flavors or supply chain map, please refer to the latest Sustainability Report FY2017.

*Reduced-Risk Products (RRP) are products with the potential to reduce the risks associated with smoking.