Community investment

Our sustainability journey is dependent on the skills and spirit of our people working together with the communities in which we operate. To make societies cohesive and inclusive, we invest in the communities in which we operate, and in the people who live there.

Through our community investment programs, we bring benefits to local people and places, and give our employees the chance to volunteer in their local communities and learn new skills. To assess how effective our management approach is, we have set a community investment target.


Between 2015 and 2030 we will invest 600 million U.S. dollars to help make communities inclusive and resilient, with our employees contributing 300,000 volunteering hours.

*This is a Group-wide target.


Since 2015, we have invested 300 million U.S. dollars in our communities and employees volunteered 119,349 hours on company time.

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Our Group-wide contributions to societies

As a responsible business, we wish to create a positive social impact in our local communities. Our local programs are designed to make our communities more inclusive and resilient, while also providing volunteering opportunities for our employees to engage with local communities and develop a variety of soft skills. We will continue to make efforts to meet our target to help make communities more inclusive and resilient.

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