Employee development and talent management

Our employees contribute to the success of the JT Group and in return we provide an open, fair, and stimulating work environment in which they can pursue their goals and improve their skills and abilities. This is described in JT Group Human Resources Management Philosophy, which establish the Group-wide goal of providing growth opportunities for all employees and ensuring we have the right person to fill the right position at the right time. We see this approach as an investment in the future success and sustainable growth of the JT Group.

Employee development and talent management

Development process

For the JT Group, dedicated communication between managers and employees is a critical part of the employee development and talent management process. Performance appraisals are important means for employee development, setting an employee's development objectives as well as business objectives. These are based on needs identified during the previous year or those required to deliver successful performance in the future.

To help develop our existing workforce, our practice is to fill open positions with internal candidates who have the right experience for the job.
Enabling employees to explore opportunities or roles across functions, business units, or internationally is another key part of developing talent within the JT Group. It provides opportunities for career progression and helps to meet the changing needs of our global organization.

JT/JTI Talent partnership program

To develop the global capabilities of our workforce and help develop our future business leaders, we established the JT/JTI Talent Partnership Program in 2006. The Program builds employees' skills and experiences by exposing them to the different working styles and cultures between our Japanese domestic and international tobacco businesses. The Program is a long-term investment for the Group and allows the transfer of technical skills and brand knowledge as well as building relationships between the JT Group's two largest business units.

Communicating with employees

Employee training is provided through a mixture of on-the-job learning, formal internal and external training, and e-learning.

Due to the diverse nature of our international tobacco business, we operate a number of centralized training academies to ensure we provide a consistent approach to training regardless of geographical location. These include training academies for leadership development, Manufacturing operations, Consumer and Trade Marketing, Corporate Affairs, Human Resources, and IT.