Overview of pharmaceutical business


In our pharmaceutical business, we aim to deliver innovative drugs to patients safely, securely, and in the shortest time possible. As this business has a direct impact on human health and life, we not only strictly comply with all laws, regulations, and industry codes, but are also guided by a strong sense of ethics and responsibility. This is particularly the case in areas such as clinical trials and promoting drugs, as well as animal testing and managing chemical substances.

While JT focuses on R&D, our pharmaceutical subsidiary, Torii Pharmaceutical, produces and promotes drugs in Japan. Outside Japan, we do not have a sales function, but we do license drugs to other pharmaceutical manufacturers.

In 2018, we started to develop a sustainability strategy for our pharmaceutical business.

Our pharmaceutical business value chain *

Pharmaceutical business value chain
  • * This diagram represents the value chain of products manufactured and/or developed by JT, and sold and promoted by Torii Pharmaceutical