Compliance as the Foundation of Our Business

JT Group's Compliance is overseen by a system centering on the JT Group Compliance Commitee, with its main members consisting of external members, to achieve the compliance management which JT Group aims for.

JT Group's Compliance is upheld by our Code of Conduct, communication channels for reporting concerns, and various compliance programs.

JT Group Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct outlines our legal and ethical obligations and describes practices that must be followed to meet these obligations. They include preventing bribery and corruption, avoiding discrimination, respecting human rights, environmental protection, data privacy, and fair competition. Employees are trained on the Code, and there are communication channels for them to report concerns about potential breaches or violations.

Reporting concerns

Across the JT Group, each of our operating companies has its own compliance team. If an employee is concerned about a potential violation of our Code of Conduct, they can contact their line manager, human resources lead, or a member of the compliance team. All employees in Japan receive a Reporting Concerns booklet explaining the process. We also provide an external reporting concerns service, run by an independent provider. All reported concerns and investigation reports are treated on a strictly confidential basis.

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