Our Businesses

Business Investment

Investing to enhance the competitiveness of our tobacco business which is the primary focus in our resource allocation. Current investments in our pharmaceutical, and processed food businesses are intended for building fundamentals to strengthen future profit contribution.

Tobacco Business

The JT Group does business in more than 120 countries around the world and has grown to become the world's third largest tobacco manufacturer by market share. We will continue to vigorously pursue further growth by leveraging our product brands – our greatest assets.

* Please be reminded that this section of our website is intended to explain the business operations of the JT Group to investors, and not to promote sales of tobacco products to encourage smoking by consumers.



As the core business and profit growth engine of the JT Group, we are strengthening our business by promoting globalization, enhancing the presence of our product brands and taking on innovation challenges beyond conventional thinking. We also leverage the strength of our diverse human resources.

Anti-illicit Trade

Anti-illicit Trade

Illicit trade is a major concern not only for the tobacco industry, but for wider society. The JT Group takes a zero tolerance approach towards all these criminal activities with an emphasis on eliminating counterfeit products.

Other Businesses

In addition to tobacco, JT has business interests in the pharmaceutical and processed food sectors. We are investing in these businesses to strengthen their future profit contribution.


Pharmaceutical Business

To save people around the world from diverse diseases, JT engages in research and development aimed at creating unique, world-class, innovative drugs.

Processed Food

Processed Food Business

Our processed food business offers safe and delicious food to our consumers and those they care about most.