Company overview

Corporate profile

Corporate profile
  • Name

    Japan Tobacco Inc.

  • Head office

    1-1, Toranomon 4-chome, Minato-ku
    Tokyo 105-6927 JAPAN

  • Date of establishment

    April 1, 1985

  • Paid-in capital

    ¥100 billion

  • President & CEO

    Masamichi Terabatake

  • Number of employees (As of December 31, 2020)

    58,300 (Consolidated) / 7,366 (Non-Consolidated)

Revenue (Results in FY 2020)

The JT Group is a leading international tobacco company with sales in more than 130 countries. Our internationally recognized brands include Winston, Camel, MEVIUS and LD.
We are also active in pharmaceutical and processed food businesses and we expect them to establish a foundation for future profit contribution, as we strive for sustainable growth.

Revenue breakdown by business segment

Revenue breakdown by business segment

FY 2020 Adjusted Operating Profit ¥487.0billion
Adjusted Operating Profit = Operating profit + amortization cost of acquired intangibles arising from business acquisitions + adjustment items (income and costs).

  • * Adjustment items (income and costs) = impairment losses on goodwill ± restructuring income and costs ± others

Tobacco factory locations (As of December 31, 2020)

    Finished goods Manufacturing factories

    Other tobacco-related factories

    Note: 2 leaf processing factories are integrated in international finished goods manufacturing factories, excluded from the other tobacco-related factory counts.

      Cigarette manufacturing factories

      Other tobacco-related factory

      Subsidiaries and Affiliates (As of December 31, 2020)

      Status of subsidiaries and affiliates
      Name Location Capital
      (Millions of yen)
      Principal business Holding rate of
      voting rights
      TS Network Co., Ltd. Taito-ku, Tokyo 460 Japanese Domestic Tobacco 85.3
      JT Logistics Co., Ltd. Chuo-ku, Tokyo 207 Japanese Domestic Tobacco 100
      Japan Filter Technology Co., Ltd. Sumida-ku, Tokyo 461 Japanese Domestic Tobacco 100
      Fuji Flavor Co., Ltd. Hamura-shi, Tokyo 196 Japanese Domestic Tobacco 100
      JT Engineering Inc. Sumida-ku, Tokyo 200 Japanese Domestic Tobacco 100
      TRUE SPIRIT TOBACCO COMPANY Minato-ku, Tokyo 45 Japanese Domestic Tobacco 100
      JT International Group Holding B.V. Netherlands thousands USD
      International Tobacco 100
      JT International Holding B.V. Netherlands thousands USD
      International Tobacco 100
      JT International S.A. Switzerland thousands CHF
      International Tobacco 100
      LLC JTI Russia Russia thousands RUB
      International Tobacco 100
      Gallaher Group Plc U.K. thousands GBP
      International Tobacco 100
      JTI Polska Sp. z o. o. Poland thousands PLN
      International Tobacco 100
      LLC Petro Russia thousands RUB
      International Tobacco 100
      JT International Germany GmbH Germany thousands EUR
      International Tobacco 100
      JTI Tütün Urunleri Sanayi A.S. Turkey thousands TRY
      International Tobacco 100
      Torii Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Chuo-ku, Tokyo 5,190 Pharmaceutical 54.9
      Akros Pharma Inc. U.S. thousands USD
      Pharmaceutical 100
      TableMark Co., Ltd. Chuo-ku, Tokyo 22,500 Processed Food 100
      • Note 1: In addition to the above, JT has 217 consolidated subsidiaries and 13 companies accounted for by the equity method.
      • Note 2: The figures in parentheses in the ''Holding rate of voting rights'' column are indirect holding rates included in the figures outside the parentheses.