Environmental issues are of increasing societal concern and have brought many challenges to our society. Today we are facing the consequences of climate change such as melting ice caps, rising sea levels, and changing weather patterns. We all need to address these issues and, as a global organization, we recognize that we have a key role to play in reducing our environmental impact.

As with most industries, the environment has a direct impact on our business. We also know that our operations impact the environment, through resource usage, emissions, and waste generation, and we strive to minimize this impact.

By implementing sustainable business practices, we are able to conserve resources, protect biodiversity, reduce waste, manage costs, and meet the growing consumer demand for more sustainable products - bringing benefits to both the environment and our business.

This approach is explained in the JT Group Environment Policy.

Our latest CDP submission can be found here

In setting specific goals and initiatives for ‘the JT Group Sustainability Targets’, we placed importance on the relationships and ties with the revised materiality, while also including past initiatives. In pursuing our materiality ‘Living with the Planet’, we set targets related to environmental issues.
Please refer to the following for targets related to ‘Living with the Planet’.

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The JT Group Sustainability Targets updated with following the initiatives of JT Group Environment Plan 2030, which was the original target set for 2023.

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