Improving our social impact

Our goal is to build partnerships that generate demonstrable social impact for communities where we operate.

JT Group Community Investment Policy


Between 2015 and 2030 we will invest 600 million U.S. dollars to help make communities inclusive and resilient, with our employees contributing 300,000 volunteer hours.


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For us, community investment is a way to voluntary engage with charitable organizations and reach beyond our core business operations. Our strategy ensures that this goal is in alignment with our mission and business priorities.
We ensure that our business delivers positive impact in local communities while respecting the environment and diversity of societies and individuals.

We are committed to building inclusive, open and resilient societies and we support this with programs targeting our three community investment (CI) specific issues :

  • Reducing inequalities
  • Improving community resilience
  • Protecting the environment

Our offices around the world implement programs aligned with our JT Group Community Investment Policy and our three specific issues are identified based on global and local need and are in alignment with the SDGs, number 10, 11 and 15. By engaging in effective partnerships through our activities, we are contributing to SDG number 17. Global Community Investment functions support program implementation and compliance with our strategy and guidelines.

As an LBG member, we measure the inputs, outputs and impacts of our programs using the LBG measurement framework. In 2018, we invested 5,865 million yen (9% charitable donations, 91% community investment) in corporate community investment where we operate.


We are constantly improving our impact assessment to inform more precise social targets and maximize our contributions to sustainable development. In return, demonstrating the value of our programs will provide us with a vital differentiating value that supports our company's mission and sustainable growth.

Value of JT Group investments in the community (U.S. dollars)

  2015 2016 2017 2018 2030 TARGET
Value of our investments in the community 71,816,680 68,450,082 54,297,432 53,107,683  
Accumulated value of investments in the community from 2015 71,816,680 140,266,762 194,564,194 247,671,877 600,000,000

Hours volunteered by JT Group employees

  2015* 2016* 2017 2018 2030 TARGET
Number of hours volunteered by our employees 13,997 8,250 21,911 25,429  
Accumulated number of community volunteering hours contributed by our employees from 2015 13,997 22,247 44,158 69,587 300,000
  • * Data only available for international tobacco business
Reducing inequalities

Reducing inequalities

Our company is committed to respecting diversity. We want to share this commitment through our partnerships in support of social welfare and widening access to arts and culture for all.

In 2018, we supported 206 social welfare and 137 Arts and Culture programs covering 86% of countries where we have a business presence.

Our programs also enable employees to take part to a wide range of volunteering activities. Through volunteering, we enable our employees to support our company's social commitments.

In 2018, 14,680 employees and family members worldwide gave 48,922 hours of their time in support of our community programs.

These many volunteering opportunities also support our human resources function to build employees engagement and skills. In 2018, 488 employees engaged in volunteering activities where impacts* were measured, reported that volunteering activities helped them improve skills that were useful in their day jobs.

In 2018, 18 markets reported impact data according to the LBG methodology for programs related to 'reducing inequalities'.

Improving community resilience

Improving community resilience

Our company has built Disaster Management expertise over the years, due to a disaster prone environment in Japan. In 2018, we supported 26 programs in total benefitting 181,900 people worldwide.

In Japan, we support charities that respond to disasters and revitalise communities to be more resilient in the future. In 2018, the JT Group supported four long-term programs.

Protecting the environment

Protecting the environment

As a global company that relies on natural resources, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations. At the same time, we would like to pro-actively contribute to increasing awareness and social action for environmental protection.

In 2018, we supported 17 environmental programs in 14 countries where we have a business presence.

In Japan, we are active in promoting the sustainable maintenance of 9 forests. In 2018, our JT Forest program attracted over 741 employees who volunteered their time to help preserve forests, and learned more about the importance of environmental protection.

As a result, 67% of employees reported that volunteering helped them to improve skills that are useful in their daily jobs, 61% would like to improve their behavior towards a more sustainable use of natural resources and 70% reported an increasing job satisfaction in the company through volunteering.

In 2018, 8 markets reported impact data according to the LBG methodology for programs related to 'environmental protection'.