Investing in people

Human resources

Our employees are assets to the Company, and their skills and spirit are the driving force behind everything we achieve. We are pleased to be an employer of choice, and our positive workplace culture and environment help us to attract, retain, and develop talented individuals. We are also taking further steps to create a diverse and inclusive culture where everyone can feel comfortable and be themselves. With this in mind, we are currently focusing on these four areas:

  • Talent development and retention
  • Talent attraction
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Being a responsible employer

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The JT Group health and safety

Our employees have the right to be protected from work-related injuries and illnesses. It is our responsibility to provide them with a safe working environment and to promote a culture that prioritizes health and safety.
Our global health and safety mission reflects our vision of zero workplace injuries. We aim to provide leadership in the development and implementation of global standards and programs to properly manage and mitigate health and safety risks arising from our business activities. It’s also important to us to build awareness and develop a sustainable safety culture across the business.

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Community investment

Through our community investment programs, we contribute to the sustainable development of society by helping to make communities more inclusive and sustainable. At the same time, these programs provide volunteering opportunities for our employees to engage with local communities and develop a variety of soft skills. To assess how effective our approach is, we have set a community investment target. We are also reporting on our Group-wide contributions to communities and our progress against our target.

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