Corporate governance

Our responsibility to stakeholders

This provides a framework for raising corporate value and achieving sustainable profit growth in the mid to long term.

Strong governance is as much about ensuring the successful operation of our business as it is about our role in society. Our aim is to continuously enhance our organization to build lasting value that we can share with our valued consumers, shareholders, employees, and society as a whole. The JT Corporate Governance Policy fully reflects this objective as well as our commitments to ethical conduct, sustainability, and diversity.

Our corporate governance system

Our governance framework is based on a thorough system of internal controls.

Effective compliance, audit, and risk management are critical to conducting business in line with our management principles, and our board of directors regularly reviews internal reports to ensure we are acting in accordance with our commitments. We have put in place an Auditor Office dedicated to supporting Audit & Supervisory Board members in effectively carrying out their duties. We also encourage collaboration among group companies as we look to strengthen our management foundation and improve our governance on an ongoing basis.

General Meeting of Shareholders

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