Tobacco business

The industry can be divided in two product categories: combustible products and RRP (Reduced-Risk Products).

We believe that the RRP adoption trend will continue, as these products have potentially less risk for the adult consumer.

To create fulfilling moments and a better future, we have articulated a clear strategy for the tobacco business, prioritizing management resources towards HTS (heated tobacco sticks), the main RRP growth driver, and combustibles, the largest, most profitable category across the tobacco industry.

The combination of the JT Group’s tobacco businesses into a single business segment is supporting this prioritization of resources, globalizing the Group’s knowledge and expertise, driving increased agility, and accelerating strategic decision-making.

This strategy, moreover, confirms the tobacco business as the core business of the JT Group and strengthens its role as the main source of profit growth for the medium and long terms.

For more details on our approach to responsible marketing, please refer to our Global Tobacco Marketing Principles.

In the following four strategic focus areas, we cover our approach to sustainability across our tobacco business.

Our tobacco business value chain


The four strategic focus areas of our sustainability strategy