RRP (Consumer expectations)

The RRP category is composed of different segments including HTS (heated tobacco sticks), Infused (infused tobacco capsules), E-Vapor and oral. As announced in 2021, we prioritize the allocation of resources to HTS, with the other segments viewed as exploratory opportunities.

Reducing health impact through RRP

While it is still too early to understand the long-term health effects of RRP, factors, including the elimination of combustion and the lower level of toxicants found in the vapor, suggest there is potential for them to reduce the risks associated with smoking.

That’s why we’re committed to ensuring that all our RRP fulfill this potential. We pride ourselves on an open approach that embraces scrutiny from consumers, regulators and the scientific community, and we regularly present our findings at scientific conferences and in peer-reviewed journals.

Our approach is supported by the most up-to-date under-standing of the subject and grounded in evidence-based observations.

As part of our joint venture with Altria, we will combine our scientific and regulatory expertise to jointly prepare a PMTA and MRTP for the Ploom version to be launched in the U.S. The parties currently expect to submit the PMTA and MRTP by the end of 2025.

Read more about the science behind RRP at www.jt-science.com

RRP sourcing

We have established a dedicated supply chain for our RRP, building strong supplier partnerships that support business expansion and meet the demands of our increasingly sophisticated portfolio.

In addition to our in-house production capabilities, we source from different global manufacturers. These include the world’s largest Electronics Manufacturing Service (EMS) companies, which are renowned for their high quality and technology.

We are committed to carrying out social and environmental due diligence in our RRP materials. We are a supporter member of the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) and fully embrace its vision and mission.

RBA is the world's largest industry coalition dedicated to corporate social responsibility in global supply chains. RBA members commit and are held accountable to a common Code of Conduct and utilize a range of RBA training and assessment tools to support continuous improvement in the social, environmental and ethical responsibility of their supply chains.

Read more about responsible procurement on JT International sustainability website.

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