JT Group purpose can be found in FY2022 Integrated Report, pages 1-3

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NEWDecember 11, 2023

JT makes it on the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index for the Tenth Consecutive Year.

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NEWJune 9, 2023

FY2022 online content and FY2022 Integrated report are now available.

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-Tobacco business
-Pharmaceutical business
-Processed food business
-JT Group Environment Plan 2030

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NEWFebruary 2024

JT Group recognized on CDP’s climate change A List and water security A List.

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Our way of doing business

The JT Group Materiality

As nature, society, and people's lives are intertwined, sustaining our ways of living, and the activities of corporate entities, will depend on the sustainability of the environment and society in which we exist.
In realizing the JT Group Purpose, we are contributing to that sustainability through our commitment to working on the issues identified in our materiality.

  • Living with the Planet

    Preserve a harmonious relationship between our environment, people, and corporate organizations through initiatives to improve our impact on our environment

  • Value Creation that Exceeds
    Consumer Expectations

    Create diverse products and services beyond consumer expectations

  • Investing in People and Provide Motivation

    Invest in people to support their development with attention to diversity, and enhance human capital by fostering a corporate culture that maximizes individuality and ability of each person

  • Responsible Supply Chain Management

    Create a sustainable supply chain capable of withstanding sudden changes in the business environment, by tackling social issues such as respecting human rights or preservation of our environment

  • Good Governance

    Enhance our governance by improving our stakeholder satisfaction and continue to be a trustworthy corporate entity

Tobacco business

Creating fulfilling moments.
Creating a better future.

Products and services

We will be a total tobacco company offering consumers (The word, consumers, used in the context of the tobacco business means adult consumers. Minimum legal age for smoking varies in accordance with the legislation in each country.) an even greater choice of products by focusing on quality, innovation and reduced-risk potential.

Reduced-Risk Products

Supply chain

We will reduce environmental and social risks, and enable transparent and responsible practices across our supply chain.

Supply chain

- Supply chain policies and standards

- Leaf supply chain - Raw material sourcing

- Non-tobacco materials, other products, and services

Pharmaceutical business

Respecting science, technology and people, we will contribute to patients' lives.

Processed food business

Bringing Joy to Meals and Fun to the Table